Introducing Marpple’s Prominent Production Cases

Intern Welcome Kit
Logo Group T-shirt
Notebook + Clip Pen featuring event slogans
Offline event distribution goods
kakao games
Brand marketing goods
kakao pay
Blanket + Package
Goods utilizing SNS marketing
Afreeca TV
Suede character cushion
Welcome kit for corporate promotion
70 types of goods for sale at pop-up stores
UNESCO Korea Committee
Official commemorative items using CI
e-sports student welcome kit
Mabinogi Internet cafe event neck pillow + blindfold set
Children’s school supplies kit for employees’ children
Event goods for exhibition hosting
Mabinogi Internet Cafe event mouse pad
Limited edition Closers character acrylic stand
kakao games
New Year calendar for user event prizes

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Struggling with Ideas for your
Corporate Goods

Here are frequently asked questions
we have gathered

What is the difference between goods and a kit?

Goods typically denote individual items or separate products, crafted for promotional, fan-related, commemorative, or brand promotional purposes.
In contrast, a 'kit' refers to a set where multiple components are packaged together. Kits are meticulously planned, designed, and assembled for convenient use or to cater to specific purposes.

Can custom goods not found on the Marpple site be made?

Absolutely. If you provide the design and specifications of the goods you want, our dedicated manager will consult with you to confirm the feasibility of production.

I would like to receive a quote for the goods

Since all goods at Marpple are made to order, the cost varies based on the type of goods, quantity, and specifications.
For Marpple custom products, you can directly check the cost of making one item for the desired product on our website (
For clothing items, the production cost depends on factors such as printing locations (front, back, sleeves), size, quantity, and printing method (screen printing, embroidery).
Therefore, providing the design draft is essential for an accurate quote.
For custom kits or other bespoke orders, please reach out to our dedicated manager for consultation and a detailed quote after discussing your requirements.

I want to know more about the production process

Consultation Request: Please request through 'Corporate Goods Consultation' at the top of the page.
Production Consultation: A dedicated manager will be assigned to provide goods recommendations and production consultation based on your request.
Quotation: After the consultation, we will send you the initial quotation via email. Once the design and specifications are confirmed, we will send the final confirmed quotation.

  • On the Marpple website, you can directly apply images to products for immediate proofing and confirmation.
    After the design is completed, please provide the original design file (high-resolution PNG, AI, or PSD) along with the composite image you confirmed on the page.
  • For other custom products: please design according to the specific design guidelines provided and share the original design file (high-resolution PNG, AI, or PSD) following the guidelines.

Production and Delivery: All products undergo meticulous inspection under the supervision of a dedicated manager to ensure high quality. They are securely packaged and delivered safely.

Can I request a design as well?

We offer image optimization services, including resizing, background removal, and retouching, to ensure the production proof meets your specifications.

Is it possible to create a sample?

At Marpple, we can provide pre-production samples. However, for some custom goods, creating samples might be challenging due to their unique production requirements.
If sample production is not feasible for specific custom goods, we will inform you in advance.
The sample cost is included in the initial production cost for the first sample. In case the main production order is canceled, a separate charge will apply for the sample.
For more detailed information regarding samples, please consult with Marpple’s dedicated manager.

How long does the production period take?

The production period can vary for each goods, and it takes approximately 7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after the final production approval.
For the bulk orders, it may take more tahn 2 weeks based on business days.
The duration may vary depending on whether sample production is required and the specifics of the production.
Please inquire with Marpple manager, and we will provide you with a more detailed schedule.

I would want to know about payment methods.

Payments are typically processed through bank transfer (with tax invoice issuance) or credit card payment.
Production starts after payment confirmation. If you need alternative payment methods, inform to the Marpple manager.
In exceptional cases, such as fixed expenditure dates according to the organization's policies, we can coordinate the payment date.
This can be done under the issuance of a tax invoice, allowing for pre-payment or post-payment arrangements.
Please note that in the case of bank transfers, if the payer's name differs from the order name, confirmation might be challenging.
Therefore, it's essential to make the payment under the order name.

How long does the delivery take?

Items are shipped via CJ Korea Express courier service. After dispatch, you can expect delivery within 1-2 business days.
However, please note that delivery might take a bit longer in rural or remote areas, depending on the courier's workload in those regions.
For changes in shipping methods such as international delivery, rural areas, air, express, or individual deliveries, please consult with Marpple’s dedicated manager.

Is it possible to exchange or return custom-made products?

Marpple's custom-made goods are crafted to order and cannot be resold, making exchanges or returns due to change of mind unavailable.
If your product arrives with issues, please notify us at within 7 days of receipt, providing proof of the defect.
After verification, we'll arrange for product retrieval and offer after-sales service.
Please note that exchanges or returns for items other than the ones ordered are not permitted.
Reproduction and after-sales service are available only for the same product, size, and color, with Marpple covering the associated shipping costs.