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We recommend corporate goods
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Around $10 Set
Around $10
Recommended as promotional goods!
Introducing versatile items suitable for various purposes and places, perfect for promotional use.
  1. Recommended as promotional material and promotional goods
  2. Recommended as goods for offline events (conferences, seminars, etc.)!
  3. Meets practicality, cost-effectiveness, and portability requirements.
  4. The price is based on 100 pieces. (For quantities below 100, please inquire separately during consultation)
Around $20 Set
Around $20
ASAP! The fastest production option available.
Recommended for those who wish to have a quick production turnaround
  1. Recommended as a welcome kit for new employees
  2. Recommended for my event, club, and corporate event goods.
  3. Appropriate combination of clothing and stationery
  4. The price is based on 100 pieces. (For quantities below 100, please inquire separately during consultation)
Around $30 Set
Around $30
Essential desk item set.
Boost your office efficiency with smart use of practical items commonly used in the office environment.
  1. Recommended unique brand goods with a distinctive brand sensibility
  2. Recommended for fan items and corporate PR purposes
  3. A variety of products available at reasonable prices
  4. The price is based on 100 pieces. (For quantities below 100, please inquire separately during consultation).
Around $60 Set
Around $60
Gifts for your valued customers.
Effective in enhancing brand awareness and customer satisfaction with items that can be used consistently.
  1. Recommended as gifts for VIP customers
  2. Recommended unique merchandise infused with brand sensibility
  3. A thoughtful set filled with practicality, durability, and luxury
  4. The price is based on 100 pieces. (For quantities below 100, please inquire separately during consultation).
Custom Set
Custom Set
Customize Goods and Packages Freely.
Increase office efficiency with stylish and practical items commonly used in the office.
  1. Both goods and packaging methods are customizable
  2. Specify desired items and packaging when filling out the consultation form
  3. For inquiries, please contact us at biz@marpple.com.

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Sample production possible

Marpple allows even a single sample production. Special components? No problem!


Design draft confirmation

Apply designs or images directly to products on the Marpple site and check them in real time.


Small quantity production available.

We provide high quality production even for small quantities. All quantities, high or low, are okay!


Convenient delivery

From domestic and overseas delivery to individual designated delivery, everything is possible.

Get your corporate goods with an easy and quick order method!

Step 1

Detailed quote consultation is conducted through a dedicated Marpple manager.

Step 2

Leave production, inspection, packaging, and delivery to Marpple. Easy and convenient corporate goods are completed.

Marpple offers diverse corporate goods tailored to various tastes and needs.

Custom goods encapsulating your brand or company's identity.
Welcome kit for employees
Goods for online/offline marketing and promotion

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We've collected various functional clothing for groups.

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Struggling with Ideas for your
Corporate Goods

Here are frequently asked questions
we have gathered

What is the difference between
goods and a kit?

Goods typically denote individual items or separate products, crafted for promotional, fan-related, commemorative, or brand promotional purposes.
In contrast, a 'kit' refers to a set where multiple components are packaged together. Kits are meticulously planned, designed, and assembled for convenient use or to cater to specific purposes.

Is it possible to change the standard kit configuration or add extra components?

Yes! It is possible. After selecting the kit type, please inquire through 'Corporate goods Consultation.' A dedicated manager will be assigned to assist you based on your request during the consultation.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

For kit production, orders of 50 or more are accepted. Minimum order quantities may vary based on product or package specifications.
Ordering below the minimum quantity could lead to challenges such as mold fees, excessive printing charges, and other difficulties.
Please consult with your dedicated manager for detailed discussions.

Can I change the package?

It's possible. After finalizing the components, you can choose from various package types, designs, and sizes.
Your dedicated manager will assist in detailed consultations regarding the package contents as well.

Can I know about kit quatation?

Please confirm specific quotations through consultation with your dedicated manager. Quotation may vary based on factors such as order quantity and post-processing.
Additional requests may include changes/additions to the box, custom designs, inserts, adding brand cards, co-packaging with our products, and sample production.

How long does the kit production period take?

production time varies based on kit specifications and quantity. Typically, production for our recommended kit is completed within 2 weeks after confirmation. If there are changes in components or specifications, it may take an additional 1 to 2 weeks.
For custom kits, the production time varies based on components and packing specifications.
During the consultation, please specify your desired delivery schedule, Marpple will do our best to accommodate it.

Is it possible to make sample kits?

If the components are products from the Marpple website, sample production is possible before bulk production.
It typically takes about 1 week from proof approval to sample receipt.
However, for certain custom-made goods, sample production might be challenging due to the manufacturing process.
We will inform you in advance if sample production is not feasible for specific goods.
When it comes to packaging, producing physical samples might be difficult, but you can confirm the details through production samples or print samples.

I would want to know about payment method.

Payments are typically processed through bank transfer (with tax invoice issuance) or credit card payment.
Production starts after payment confirmation. If you need alternative payment methods, inform to the Marpple manager.
In exceptional cases, such as fixed expenditure dates according to the organization's policies, we can coordinate the payment date.
This can be done under the issuance of a tax invoice, allowing for pre-payment or post-payment arrangements.
Please note that in the case of bank transfers, if the payer's name differs from the order name, confirmation might be challenging.
Therefore, it's essential to make the payment under the order name.