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Marpple offers diverse corporate goods tailored to various tastes and needs.

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Sample production possible

Marpple allows even a single sample production. Special components? No problem!


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Apply designs or images directly to products on the Marpple site and check them in real time.


Small quantity production available.

We provide high quality production even for small quantities. All quantities, high or low, are okay!


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From domestic and overseas delivery to individual designated delivery, everything is possible.

Get your corporate goods with an easy and quick order method!

Step 1

Detailed quote consultation is conducted through a dedicated Marpple manager.

Step 2

Leave production, inspection, packaging, and delivery to Marpple. Easy and convenient corporate goods are completed.

Marpple Partners with Major Firms, Startups, Schools, Broadcasters, and Entertainment & Gaming Companies.

Wondering what corporate goods to make?

We've curated goods for purposes like Welcome kits, Promotional items, and Brand merchandise. View our recommendations and easily start production!

Frequently Asked Questions
We've gathered them here

I want to get a quote for the goods.

All goods in Marpple are custom made, so the cost varies depending on the type of goods, quantity, and production specifications. Please provide a production draft for accurate pricing.

I want to know more about the production process.

Consultation Request: Please request through 'Consult for Corporate Goods' at the top of the page. If you need goods recommendation, you can check the recommended kits by clicking the 'Get Corporate Goods Recommendation' button. Please let us know if you have any other desired goods.
Production Consultation: A dedicated manager is assigned to provide goods recommendations and production consultations based on the information you provided.
Estimate: After consultation, we send the first estimate by email. Once the design and specifications are finalized, we send the final estimate.

  • On the Marpple site, you can directly apply images to the product and check the draft immediately. After completing the design, please provide the original design file (high-quality PNG, AI, or PSD file) along with the synthesized image you checked on the page.
  • Other custom products: Please design according to the separate design guide and provide the original design file (high-quality PNG, AI, or PSD file).

Production and Delivery: All products are produced in high quality through meticulous inspection under the management of a dedicated manager and are safely packaged and delivered.

Can I request a design?

Marpple provides image optimization such as image size adjustment, background removal, and correction, but does not offer goods design services.

Is it possible to produce a sample?

Marpple offers sample production before mass production. Some custom goods may not be available for sample production due to production characteristics.

How long does the production take?

Please note that the production time may vary depending on the goods.

[Recommended Kits]
After production is confirmed, it usually can be produced within 2 weeks. If the components or specifications are changed, it may take an additional 1-2 weeks.
[Custom Kits]
The production time for custom kits varies depending on the internal components and packing specifications. Please let us know your desired delivery schedule during the consultation, and we will proceed to match it as much as possible.
[Single Items]
After final production approval, it takes about 7 business days (excluding weekends/holidays). For large quantity orders, it may take about 7-10 business days (excluding weekends/holidays).
The above schedules are average production times. The time may take longer depending on whether a sample is produced and the content of the production. If you contact the manager, we will provide more detailed schedule information.

What are the payment methods?

Payments are made via bank transfer. Exceptions can be discussed with a dedicated manager.

How long does delivery take?

After shipment through CJ Logistics, you can receive it within 1-2 business days. However, it may take a little longer depending on the remote mountainous areas and the courier company's volume in the respective area.
Finished goods can be received via visit, courier, or quick service.
You can choose between prepayment and cash on delivery for the shipping fee.
Please consult with a dedicated manager for changes in shipping method, such as overseas shipping, remote and mountainous areas, air, quick delivery, and individual shipping.

Can I exchange/return the custom-made product?

Exchanges/returns due to change of mind are not possible as Marpple's custom goods are individually produced. A/S will be provided after product collection and inspection if there are product issues.