3mm Surgical Steel Basic Engraved Ring
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The human body is not harmed by the usage of surgical steel, which is also used to make surgical instruments and implants. Wearing surgical steel does not cause any allergic reaction.
Even when it comes into contact with water or sweat, it remains resilient and does not rust or fade.

  • Material: Surgical steel, ion plated (except silver, only colours)
  • Made in China


  • Please refer to the size chart at the bottom of the detail page.
  • The average ring finger size in the US is 5-6 for women and 8-9 for men.
  • Please order carefully because size exchanges and refunds are not allowed with custom-made engraved products due to their nature.
  • The inside of the ring has the genuine surgical steel logo and the US size.
  • Even if you order the ring in the suggested Korean size, it could still be tight or loose because it is not made in the Korean size.
  • Because each size in Korean sizes varies by between one and a half and two sizes, ordering one size larger or lower may result in the ring being much smaller or larger than you expect.
  • We recommend that you order your usual size.
  • Due to the nature of the material, minor scratches may occasionally appear; nevertheless, this is not a sign of a fault.

Precautions for Purchase

  • A purchase order made by a minor may be cancelled by the same minor or his/her guardian if his/her guardian has not consented to such purchase.
Size chart
Ring SizeCircumference (mm)Diameter (mm)
Exchange / Return(Refund) Policy

All of Marpple’s products are personalized products required by customers. Therefore, we do not accept returns for refund or exchange, at the exception of items damaged in transit.
To be eligible for a refund or exchange, you must first email us within 7 days of receiving the products at cs@marpple.com with pictures of the damaged items.

Please note that design edits are only available at the stage of 'Order Placed'. During the ‘Processing’ stage, any design changes or cancellation is not available. If you need design changes after your order please contact us through our chat system or via email.

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9873** 2023.06.13
제꺼랑 딸꺼랑 딸친구꺼 이렇게 3개주문했습니다.각인제품이라 글자가 은색이려나했는데 베이지?밝은시멘트색?모래색? @0@ 뭐라고 해야할지 딱히 떠오르지는 않으나..오히려 좋습니다ㅎㅎ 굵은반지는 안쪽에 굴곡이있어서 좋네요^^
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5zuj*** 2021.07.03
글씨가 정말 작고 얇은데 뭉침 없이 와서 지금 너무 신기해요... 검은색 반지가 각인이 잘 보일 것 같아서 검은색으로 했는데 딱 이쁘게 잘 보입니다. 다른 색상도 궁금하네요! 다음에는 좀 더 두꺼운 반지로 주문해봐야겠어요.
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haya*** 2020.11.15
각인이 너무 맘에 들어유 PS 손가락둘레 측정하고 사이즈표 보실때 예를들어 9호 최대치가 60mm고 자신손가락이 딱 60mm나오시는분은 한사이즈 큰거 주문하시길 바랍니다 전 검지사이즈에 딱 맞게 주문했는데 안들어가서 (오른손)약지에 꼈습니다
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